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Moonshine a Handicap

Austin Taylor, a reporter for the Waupaca County Post on February 23, 1928, wrote about having spent several days as a guest of Alfred J. Wrolstad at Alfred's logging camp in Sawyer County near Draper. Mr. Taylor saw a load of green hardwood logs that scaled 22 thousand feet. Four teams hauled the load after they had been helped to get started by two men with the use of pinch bars. Mr. Taylor also wrote of having observed Mr. Wrolstad being annoyed by the irregularity of some of the men in his crew due to the sale of moonshine. It is reported that he was one day watching for those engaged in the traffic. As a big jug was being handed to one of his employees through a partly opened door, Mr. Wrolstad slipped over to the place and took the jug that was almost in the grasp of the employee. He gave the man "just five minutes to leave the premises". Mr. Wrolstad then placed the jug upon a stump in front of the dining hall. Then, taking his rifle he aimed at the jug, shattering both the jug and the moonshine business for the remainder of the season.

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